Coaching to Build Your Practice

Having transitioned from a successful marketing career in the corporate world to building a successful coaching and counselling practice, Harley Conyer offers coaching to practitioners to help them to start, grow, develop and sustain a vibrant business/practice.

Some of the areas of coaching may include:

  • Creating your practice/business – how to get started
  • Gaining clarity about who you are as a practitioner and how to translate that into a marketable practice/business
  • Exploring the alignment between yourself and your practice/business – your beliefs, attitudes, behaviours that either support or limit the development of your practice/business
  • Having a successful practice/business doesn’t need to be a struggle and how to transform the experience into something rewarding and successful.
  • Developing a clear vision for your practice/business
  • Creating/developing/enhancing your marketing plan

To find out more about Harley’s business, leadership and coaching background, please visit Harley’s Coaching Profile

To contact Harley to discuss how you may be able to benefit, please call 0411 411 103 or use the contact form below.

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